• Test a link
    Check this unique tool created by Livigent! You will really understand how the filtering process works. Just enter a link for a website and Livigent will analyze it in real-time, showing you the amount of content from each category, on that particular website.
  • Take a glimpse at the filtering experience
    Wondering how image filtering actually works or how it can be useful for you? In this section, you can take a quick look at how images containing skin color can be changed into completely non-offensive image content.

Key features

  • Image altering
    An innovative way of treating images: the skin-colored pixels in the filtered pages can be repainted.
  • URL filtering
    Livigent uses two filtering items: URL glob lists and URL regexp lists.
  • Protocol filtering
    Filtering support for instant messaging protocols and for peer-to-peer file sharing protocols.
  • Time-controlled filtering
    Time restrictions applied on other filtering options, resulting in time flexibility in filtering.
  • Supported users
    The system allows filtering of five types of clients.
  • Traffic shaping
    Per-user bandwidth management. Bandwidth available to each filtered user is limited.
  • Logging and reporting
    Advanced options for logging and reporting based on the logged data, leading to in-depth reporting.

In the news

Livigent takes part in the Romanian edition of "Safer Internet Day", organized in Bucharest, on February 10. The event is hosted by the Sigur.info consortium and aims to increase awareness on the real dangers that may occur in surfing the Internet, especially for children and young people. Livigent will play an active part in the event, implementing its content filtering solution for the three winning schools.

Read more details here.

Livigent Commercial Brochure

Find out the most relevant information on how Livigent can significantly contribute to your company's Internet usage security: important motivations to choose a modern content filtering solution, and key benefits of using Livigent - all in a coherent and easy-to-read manner. Also, a presentation of how Livigent actually works is available here.

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Case studies

In order to get more of that relevant information about our product and how it will help you protect and improve your business, the case studies listed below will prove very useful to you. In this section you will find out how Livigent managed to solve problems similar to yours, thus giving you an idea about the benefits you can extract from using our product.

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